Hi everyone I apologize for not posting anything, I have been dealing with an ongoing family crisis, and college has been a time sponge. So lets look forward to longer articles until then I hope you enjoy this one.

Everyone has a season that they like. Some of us like warm, tropical climates where it is hot in the morning and rains for half an hour in the afternoon. Now look I love being warm and I certainly love being comfortable. The one feeling I absolutely hate is the feeling of being hot.

Me taking a photo in the Florida Keys!

Me taking a photo in the Florida Keys!

As I have always said there is no such thing as cold weather just a poorly dressed person. If you walk out of your house in twenty-degree weather wearing only a hoodie, any extended periods of time exposed to the elements will quickly become unpleasant. On the other hand if you head into the mountains in sub zero temperatures and you are dressed properly you will be smiling.

So why do I like the cold? Simple the cold encourages physical activity and more importantly as I have always said, the cold makes things interesting. I am an adrenaline junkie but not in the traditional sense. I like dangerous environment not dangerous activities. I like the idea that when I am on a mountain face mother nature can decide at any time that I am not welcome within her mountains. If you take the danger out of alpinism you have every other sport. I enjoy the unknown of adventure, the feeling that I am not in control. I do not get the same feeling riding on a motorcycle without a helmet. Cold weather can be dangerous and it keeps you on your toes. Simple mistakes can be catastrophic and every task becomes more complicated. This added stress keeps my mind off the stresses in my life, on how my lungs and legs feel trudging up hill. All of my sense and thoughts are taken by the need to stay warm. Like a small child craving attention from his mother, the cold keeps calling me forcing me to stay on my toes. Cold also thins out the herds of hikers on the trail. People like hiking in warm weather, your pack is lighter, you can sit down without adding a layer, and warm weather makes life easier.

Mount Alander Copake New York August 2014 my pack on the warm summit.

Mount Alander Copake New York August 2014 my pack on the warm summit.

That is not what I am looking for when I step out onto the trail, if I were looking for an easy sport I would not pick climbing. I want a challenge; I want to do something that the rest of society is not wiling to do.

Alpinists want a challenge and warm weather climbing on moderate terrain can be a walk in the park. However if you drop sub zero temperatures into the mix, you have a completely new element. The cold will make you suffer and it will make your life difficult. Cold weather can present one of the greatest challenges to anyone who likes to get out on the trail. So with that I leave you a simple message, embrace the cold, remember the cold will always make a man out of you, or if you are a woman one tough lady.

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” ~ Ranulph Fiennes

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