A Poem About Death and Life In The Mountains

This is a poem I was forced to write for one of my English courses, I am not a poet by any means and poetry is not a literary method I enjoy. However I am proud of this poem and I would like to share it with you.

A Place To Live and A Place To Die

You have never caught a football

You struggle to finish an algebra problem.

You questioned your future in the world

Do you have a talent?


You found a few giants.

They demand respect

And only accept the best

Cold, dangerous, angry giants

You are not afraid

You have learned to call them home.

The fear makes them solitary

You embrace the fear

You’re doing something

Most people will never do

The cold bites you

Stabs you like a steely knife

Buried in two feet of snow

Small on a beautiful giant

You are not powerful here.

You found something in the giants

You can’t catch a football but

You found a home.